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Our complete range in Led dim-large-fog-control light

LED dim & high beam sets H1, H3, H4, H7 etc.

LED dim or high beam sets come in many sizes and models.
The choice for you depends on the light output that you want. The type of vehicle also plays a major role in your choice.

All our led low beam sets are provided with a clear 6000K white light color.
This is the most common clear color that corresponds to the '' fluorescent tube '' White light effect and not that glassy blue glow, which also gives poor visibility at night.

In terms of light output, there are large differences in our range. We deliver from 2000LM to 4500LM.

A low beam incandescent lamp is +/- 1200LM as standard.

The choice of an LED low beam set also depends on the size that you can process in your headlight unit. With some vehicles the lamps can be changed externally. There are also types where the lamp is incorporated in the unit and sealed with a cap or cap. Here too there are suitable solutions that you or your fitter can apply.

We try to indicate the dimensions of our products as clearly as possible and it is therefore important that you check yourself
measures whether the lamp you want can actually be incorporated in your unit.
The wide choice of our LED low beam sets therefore has to do with different sizes that match the closest to your vehicle.

The LED low beam sets are plug & play.
So you do not have to process any tangle of wiring or adjust existing wiring.
All our LED units can be placed directly on the existing lamp holder and the plugs correspond to your existing plug.

Some vehicles are equipped with a board computer. This will, among other things, keep an eye on whether a lamp has failed.
The Canbus system gauges and expects a voltage consumption from a particular lamp. For example: your H7 lamp consumes 55W,
so your Canbus system expects a consumption of 55W.

Now it is true that the LED low beam sets have a lower consumption than the standard lamps that are in your vehicle.
Therefore your canbus system gives an error message to the board computer and therefore also to you on the dashboard that a lamp is defective. This is not actually the case.

To circumvent these problems we also have resistors in different versions and wattage.
We supply plug & play resistors that can be placed directly between the existing connectors.

There are also LED low beam sets that are already equipped with built-in Canbus Resistance.
This saves on purchasing the resistors and is more compact to process.

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